Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just a few things for dinner

I use to post food that I cooked at home and food I brought home to eat. Thinking it could be time to do that again since I am trying to blog more. So with that, here are a few things from this first month of 2015.
I remembered why I don't go into New Seasons. Because when I do I want to buy everything. However I went in this month to look for a couple special things. And found Origami Catering's Sweet Potato Noodles. These are really fresh and good tasting. And have insured that I will be back to New Seasons to try the other Origami Catering items there. I just have to be strong willed and avoid the rest of the store. Good luck with that.

One of the good things about New Seasons is they have a nice selection of essential oils which is why I went there. I have been making bath bombs so it's fun to think up new ones and the oils help with that. The other thing I was looking for was wine from Mosel Valley in Germany. Thanks to Ewald Moseler serving some up at a dinner I attended I'm now trying a few different Reislings. I bought this bottle of Nein Lives because of that and because of the label. My take on the wine inside is that it was a bit sweet and would be good paired with sweet dishes.

I also stopped at Natural Grocers looking for essential oils where I found this delicious little pie from Willamette Valley Pie Company. I really liked that it was only one or two servings and that it was Marionberry. One of the best things I have discovered since moving to Oregon is marionberries. Absolutely love them.

I won't say where this sushi is from. I got it after doing my Nodoguro Ultimate Sushi post. I don't buy pre-made sushi like this but reliving that dinner and this fish looked decent broke my will power. I ended up eating the fish and not much of the rice which was decently seasoned but gummy. But I'm posting this photo because of the yuzu ponzu shoyu which I picked up at Mitsuwa in Torrance a bit ago. Sadly it's not for sale locally because I really am enjoying it with certain dishes. I used a bit when I poached tai for my New Year's osechi.

The other day I was watching something that was streaming from UK. After watching a bit including commercials I had a craving for chips. Not having any snacks I remembered a couple Yukon Gold Potatoes needing to be cooked. I sliced them up, sauteed them in olive oil and garlic, tossed on a little dried parsley and sea salt and they turned out pretty tasty. Sometimes my brain comes up with decent ideas for cooking. I really need to get truffle salt and make this again.

Another thing I don't normally eat but Gouda cheese kind of owns me. Picked up a Gouda Cheese Dip after sampling it at a local market. Toasted artisan bread and put a bit of the dip on top. I could have made a dip like this but sometimes it's fun to buy things pre-made.

Just a Dungeness Crab I bought after remembering certain crab dishes I recently ate while dining out.

 And a couple lovely tomatoes I found at a local market. I diced up the yellow and orange one, tossed them with Kewpie Savory Soy Dressing and it was amazingly good! Definitely going to make this again. I think with the darker winter days I'm attracted to sunny looking food. I wonder if other people do this too? Are you eating anything interesting lately? Any sunny colorful food during winter months?


  1. That wine is the best, and the tomatoes are almost too pretty to eat.
    PS: Sweet potato noodles? Would love to try that!

    1. They were really pretty and delicious! I do need to try more types of tomatoes. The sweet potato noodles weren't that sweet but overall it was a tasty dish. It's nice that some people here take Japanese food seriously so I can find things that are either from traditional Japanese recipes or in the spirit of that.

  2. Thank you for trying our noodles! They are now sold by the pound in the deli case!