Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Last of the Faux Museum

 The news that the Faux Museum is closing in a couple weeks made me look back at my visit there last year. It was an unplanned visit. I think I was in the area for pizza and taking photos of Chinatown.

 I had read about the museum so decided why not check out the place where irrelevance is relevant. The exhibits that day were an homage to school fairs. The school being the Faux University Alternative School.

 Of course there was an awards case

 Science project displays

 And games visitors could play.

How Will You Die participants threw ping pong balls at the board and then checked the list for the corresponding number. I think mine was being electrocuted in an electric car. So far I've avoided this fate.

 Sociological entries like The Hipster Closet

 And of course the Wooly Ant participated.

 The fun part of the exhibit was how interactive it was.

 And rather inventive. Instead of a haunted house there was Our Haunted World.

 Which was a display of real world news articles.

 Of course there was art such as this which was part of the Read Moby Dick booth.

 Which not only had the book to read but a notebook for people to leave their thoughts in.

 I'm not even going to try to explain this.

 I do remember this keyboard which played famous singers screams and yells when you pressed the keys.

Finally there was an exhibit of artwork including these portraits of television detectives including the late great James Garner.

With the rainy weather right now the Faux Museum is a good place to get out of the rain and have a little fun. It's even mentioned in Atlas Obscura here.

However if you want to visit don't put it off since they will be closed for good around the middle of January. Probably the best place to find opening times is at the Faux Museum's Facebook site.

Thanks Faux Museum for being creative and out there.


  1. My first response was total bafflement. Then I started giggling. When I got to this part -- "I think mine was being electrocuted in an electric car. So far I've avoided this fate." -- I was chortling loudly. Wonderfully wacky, this place.

    1. Yes it's a little "what is this?" at the beginning but once I started walking through it was amusing. Glad you enjoyed this little electronic tour!