Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, December 5, 2014

Going back to 1910

When I say I have a lot of places I have been to, I'm not kidding. So I am going to try to post some of those places. One of those places I visited about a year ago. 1910 Main in Forest Grove, Oregon.

 1910 Main is an interesting place. I give them a lot of credit in being an upscale restaurant in a place which was mostly a farming community along with education. The decor was an interesting mix of older memorabilia including farm equipment along with more modern banquette seating.

 Along with art glass lamps hanging from the ceiling.

 We started with fresh bread and wine, most likely a Pinot Noir.

This meal we went with an appetizer of hummas and flat bread. I know my hummas and this was pretty good. It was nice to have the little tomatoes, cheese and olives since most places do not add anything with hummas. This actually is a little more authentic. I remember the bread being very fresh. Sadly it doesn't seem they offer this any more.

 My dining companion ordered a steak with grilled onions and mushrooms. It came with carrots and mashed potatoes. I remember he thought the dish was well done and he enjoyed it.

 For me it was the wild salmon which also came with carrots and a side of grains. The fish was cooked nicely and the carrots were a nice change since they were obviously fresh and probably local. I do remember that it was a lot of food. These were really big plates. Personally I would have preferred a little less.

 1910 Main advertises that it offers classic comfort food. They do achieve that with offering a little more upscale dining in an area where there isn't much available. After eating at a number of places from Forest Grove to Beaverton that there has been a trend of basic food in large servings so 1910 Main does put a nicer touch to that. For me it was still a bit basic and more food than I like to eat. I'd prefer a little more originality and less food for a little less money. But I think for many families and people this is the kind of place where one can dine and feel good. It's the kind of place I think people would take their out of town relatives to for a nice meal.

1910 Main is located at 1910 Main Street in Forest Grove, Oregon.


  1. Hi! The glass lamp is very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That lamp was something else. I wondered if it was Italian since there is a famous glass blower there that makes lamps like that.

  2. Wine and salad and bread and vegetables. What more does a woman want? Oh, wait ... chocolate? There was chocolate? ;)