Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mushroom Weather

The weather this year must have been great for mushrooms like these I saw at Rood Bridge Park the other day. Seeing so many like this made me a little hungry.

These may be Horse Mushrooms or Agaricus Arvensis. They were so large and did not have any yellow staining.

Horse Mushrooms are edible fungi but since I'm no expert I was not about to find out.

Another day another place and more mushroom bounty.

Although these mushrooms are not so good to eat. Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric mushrooms.

I'm always surprised when I see these because each time I have it's at a public parking lot. Not the best place for something like this. Supposedly after parboiling they are not poisonous but I will pass on trying it.

These too were reaching an impressive size.


  1. I refuse to believe that this is for real. Fairy magic dust and naughty goblin mischief. Must be that.

    1. I guess there must be a little magic here in Oregon.
      I was very surprised how big these both were this year. A good seven to ten inches, wait let me translate that, maybe 20 centimeters or bigger?

    2. 20 cm?! My refusal to believe this is real has just quadrupled. :D
      PS: I've decided I want the ones second from the bottom as chairs.

    3. I wish there was a like button on here because I really like your idea of having mushroom chairs!

      Yeah, these were monster size. If there were portobellos around they would have been jealous.