Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Mother Never Cooked Like This

 Portland has so many wonderful older buildings. Often what is inside is just as nice.

Such is Mother's Bistro & Bar. So when friends were visiting Portland we met up here.

One side has a bar area but the better place to dine is under the lovely chandeliers.

We were given nice buttermilk biscuits to start with.

My friend chose Mother's fried ravioli. Their marinara sauce was very nice and the ravioli had a fresh taste. The onions weren't part of this dish but were resting there after leaving the next dish.

 Her husband opted for one of the salads. I am afraid I don't remember which one this was. It may have been a special of the day. He enjoyed it.

I chose another special of the day. Wild mushroom risotto. It was delicious, full of flavor from the mushrooms. I forgot to ask what kind. Very creamy.

We were given three cookies at the end. Unfortunately the server didn't say what they were which might have been a problem since one was peanut butter. The chocolate chip cookie I had was good and so was the third cookie. 

It was a nice dinner. If one is looking for filling food that one-ups typical American cuisine and is a nice place to dine, Mother's Bistro fits the bill.

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