Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Farm to Boat Pop-up Dinner

Back in July I went to my first pop-up dinner in Portland, Oregon. In a rather interesting place on the Willamette River in the St. Johns neighborhood.

On a boat moored by Cathedral Park near St. Johns Bridge.

There were interesting and congenial guests including a couple furry ones.

The view was amazing.

Although being late afternoon in summer the sun was a bit warm and bright for those of us facing west.

The theme for the dinner was Farm to Boat. The boat belonged to Green Anchors Enterprises which is an interesting group of people farming, creating and living right there.

The farm part was bringing locally grown crops to be used in the dinner. These included Able Farms who was putting on the dinner, Nightlight Farm, Springwater Farm, and Rockwood Urban Farm. 

We started off with a Japanese ginger honey drinking vinegar from Genkai-Su which was reminiscent  to me of tart apples. It was a rather generous serving. Since we did not have other glasses it was a little bit of a challenge for me to finish it but I did.

Our chefs for the evening were Megan Denton of Able Farms

and Jane Hashimawari of Ippai.

Our first course was the albacore tuna crudo with golden beets, purslane topped with radish microgreens and sea salt. This was really delicious. I thought the radish sprouts were a nice way to add a little heat to the taste of the tender tuna.

We were offered a couple enjoyable wines by the entertaining Ewald Moseler. He is very knowledgeable about wine and specializes in the the Mosel River Valley area of Germany along with importing from all of Germany, Austria and exporting Oregon wines.

First up was a 2013 Zum Pinot Noir Rose from the Mosel River Valley. It was light and refreshing and went nicely with the fresh produce and delicate fish we were served. Later on we also had a lovely 2008 Riesling from WeingutVellenweider Winery also in the Mosel River Valley. It was a different profile from the usual Rieslings that are served and also delicious.

While we were eating not only did we enjoy good conversation but also different ships cruising by on the Willamette River.

Our next dish was also really good. The menu description was "NW style"- farm eggs, sardines, arbequina oil, castelvetrano olives, parsley, crescent potatoes, buckwheat microgreens. Although I think what was served was a bit different in that there were fresh tomatoes and green beans. The sardine was grated on top. No matter what the changes were, this was really good and was a lovely in between course. I would happily eat this again.

Next up was this excellent ling cod with pickled shitakes, savoy cabbage, miso buttered corn and sunflower microgreens.

I believe this was Jane Hashimawari dish and one of the few times I liked fresh greens under cooked fish. The pickled shitake mushrooms made a nice contrast to the tender fish and miso corn.

Just another photo of the wonderful view. Nice to have this and good conversation while we waited for each course to be served.

The dinner ended with these wonderful blueberries covered in Hyssop soft whip, currant jelly and nasturtiums.

Not just pretty but also sweet and light. This was served with a coffee from St. Johns Roasters. Since I am not a coffee drinker I could not say how it was but people seemed to enjoy it.

That was the end of an interesting experience. There were some issues but despite it all the food and drink were worth it and I met interesting people and was able to sit on a boat on the Willamette River for a bit. Not a bad experience at all.


  1. Oh. Oops. Where did my comment go? Let's try again. (If I post twice, just delete one, sorry&please.)

    Concept, scenery and food all look equally lekker and beautiful. [Ru looks at blue sky, blue river and "very many nature", in the immortal words of her students, and sighs softly.]

    1. Aha, so it wasn't just me losing comments! Also it appears Firefox finally fixed their problem and now I can blog and comment using it.

      "Very many nature" actually sounds kind of nice. It was a lovely place to sit for a while. Yup it was lekker.