Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Tuesday so it must be...


With Grimm the television show being moved to Tuesday nights, I'm posting another location. At least it's getting me to blog now and again. It's also a way to mention a few interesting places I have been. Like this one.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 1

They like their bridges here. So of course a show that features Portland almost as a character would have a few shots of a bridge or two.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 3

And when a bridge looks like this who could blame them?

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 5

However St. Johns Bridge doesn't just get a few shots. It's featured in a large piece of art in Nick and Juliette's home. Also I've noticed similar art in the show Portlandia.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 6

But not just the soaring spires make it onto video like the episode "The Hour of Death". Cathedral Park below was a main feature in "La Llorona".

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 4

For part of that the filming crew used the piers on the Willamette River. Looked rather peaceful when I was there earlier this year.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 7

For as lightweight St. Johns Bridge looks in the air and when crossing it, below one can see how massive it is.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 2

Seeing the bridge in person it's understandable why they are so proud of it.

Wiki information on St. Johns Bridge can be found here

Friday, April 26, 2013

Well it's Friday so it's Grimm...

until Tuesday because they are changing the day that Grimm is broadcast. Hoping it is a good sign that they have faith in the show to bring in more viewers. Plus there will be a third season so I guess it means more places to check out in the future.

Today I have a couple places I visited since they were near to each other. One I have seen from the Steel Bridge. The other had the added attraction of serving Middle Eastern food.

The Sultan Cafe has stood in for Nick's and Hank's favorite place for a bite to eat, the Lewis and Clark Diner.

grimm diner 2

However in real life it looks more like this

Sultan Cafe 3/29/13

Sultan Cafe 3/29/13

Definitely not a diner.

Sultan Cafe 3/29/13

Gone are the retro fixtures. Instead it is fitted out with a nice contemporary look. Sultan Cafe is known as a place for people to smoke hookah.

Sultan Cafe 3/29/13

Having had my share of Middle Eastern food and making a few dishes now and again I wanted to try their's out. Sadly was told they were out of falafel and I kind of felt pushed into making a hasty choice by the woman there. I ended up with only a hummus plate. The flat bread was nice and warm. But if I feel the desire for Middle Eastern food I will go to a couple other places that seem to have a better selection and nice service. I'm sure for people living and working in that part of Portland do enjoy having Sultan Cafe there.

Since I actually went to a few places this trip I will add another interesting location to this post. It's a building familiar to people who live here and to anyone that has been watching Grimm for a while.

Pinnacle Condos 3-29-13 1

Pinnacle Condos, home of Grimm's Police Captain Renard. Thankfully they have filmed not only the exterior but also inside so we get to see the views of the Willamette River, bridges and parts of Portland from the top floor.

Pinnacle Condos 3-29-13 2

It is an impressive building and the curved shape makes it really stand out. It was built in 2004.

Pinnacle Condos 3-29-13 3

Pinnacle Condos 3-29-13 4

Hopefully once they complete some of the construction and park projects around it the area will be a bit nicer.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I've not known how to say it

My baby Shinji did not make it. Back in February, right before Valentine's Day he showing signs of serious illness. His heart was bad. I had hoped with all my might and a good deal of cash that he could be better even for a little while longer. But the fact is that some cats inherit heart disease and he was one of them.

I am still heartbroken over it and wish he was still here. Part of me doesn't want to post about it because it feels like posting he passed away is like saying goodbye to him. Which I do not want to do. He will always be with me. I don't want to forget him.

His brother Kenji would not stop looking for him. Every day the time he spent walking around meowing increased.

I knew that there was only one way to make things okay again. Since I do not have the power to have Shinji return to us. I searched on-line to see if anyone had a little blue kitty that was near to us. Bad timing on that. One person had a blue Abyssinian boy but he was a year old. I decided to go anyway.

I really knew we needed someone who was younger. I was dealing with Kenji who is reaching old man age at eight and a half years. I knew it would be difficult for him to adjust since he had been with his brother almost all of his life.

I drove south and ended up in a small house swarming with cats of all sizes. The blue guy really didn't want to get to know me. However there was this one little tyke that kept demanding my attention...

Little Kitty 4-16-13 1

So welcome little kitty Tashi. She isn't blue nor a boy. Her name means good luck in Tibetan and she is a seven month old silver Abyssinian. Also a preemie so supposedly she will be smaller than normal but I swear she has double in size since arriving here. Maybe less competition for food is helping? She is a handful, extremely curious, likes getting into everything and wants to know what I am doing at all times. Demands attention and likes laps. She also plays fetch exceptionally well and is practicing the tightrope by walking on the railing at the end of the bed. Neither which I think are stupid pet tricks but indicate she is smarter than the average cat. Or she is planning to join the circus.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Grimm Locations

Since there is a new episode of Grimm on tonight, I thought I would post photos of a few locations.

Cycle PDX 4-6-13

First up is one of the places they like to film at. Not only have they used this building and a few others in the past, but this location will be shown in the season finale. Do not know of Cycle PDX will be part of it but it might in stock footage of it's previous incarnation as the Spice Shop.

Joyce Hotel 4-3-13 1

Joyce Hotel 4-3-13 2

The Joyce Hotel. Really does have the feel of an older place where the less well heeled would stay.

Benson Hotel 4-8-13 2

Benson Hotel 4-8-13 1

The Benson Hotel. Where the better off Wesen stay. It was used for the recent episode "One Angry Fuchsbau". One of these days I need to take a look inside and maybe have a meal there.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Of Grimm and Veggie Burgers and Beer and more...

A little late with my Grimm Friday photos but instead I decided to write a blog.

helvetia tavern

Towards the end of the first season there was an episode called "Big Feet" where Monroe, one of the guys who can change into an animal, heads out for his Wesen support group meeting at a local tavern. One of the few times during the series that they showed the real name of a location.

Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 5

Being rather fond of diner dining, I thought why not look this place up. Turns out it's not too far from where I live. In Helvetia farm land. Although I don't live in the middle of farm land but it's nice there.

 Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 4

Helvetia Tavern during the middle of the week.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 8

And during a sunny weekend.

 Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 1

There are actually a couple of rooms where one can eat and drink. This is the smaller room where I had a meal on my first visit.

 Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 2

Something to drink. My bad for not making it local brew.

Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 3

I will admit my first visit was not that great. I don't know who came up with this sandwich but it was mostly mayo and lettuce. With a little turkey and cheese. I could not taste the turkey at all. So I was not so up for going back but my rare visitor really wanted to see the place.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 1

So I obliged. And we ended up in the larger room where the bar and pool tables are. Where the Wesen Support Group meets in the show.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 3

Did better with the beer. Two local brews.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 4

I was told the hamburger was very good. Helvetia Tavern is known for their burgers.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 5

I will say their veggie burger is much better than that sandwich.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 6

Best of all was the onion rings.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 7

And the view outside.