Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, December 6, 2013

First you see it

I was out back in September when I came across someone putting notices on this very nice looking church.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 1

The church is St. James Lutheran Church.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 2

It's located at the South Park Blocks right by the Portland Art Museum.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 3

The building was designed by Phillip Chappell Browne and the original stone was carved from Tenino sandstone around 1900.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 5

The Povey Brothers created a couple of the large stain glass windows while others including lancet windows by Bryce Anderson were added later. The reason for some of the revisions was because the tower had structural damage and was rebuilt from the top of the first floor up in the 1970's.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 4

So just what was this notice about?

St James Church Portland 9-11-13 1

This. Filming for the Grimm episode "Stories We Tell Our Young".

St James Church Portland 9-11-13 2

As you can see they covered up a good deal of the church for filming inside.

Grimm Dodge Charger police car 9-11-13

Parked around the corner was the Dodge Charger waiting for filming later that night.

Here is a webpage where I found information about the church. St. James PDX Architectural History
Also photos inside the church. The inside will be seen in the episode.  St. James PDX architectural detail photo gallery


  1. I love shrines and temples, but ... there's something about a church built from bricks and/or stones that I really miss. :(

    1. I know there are a few in Japan. I just like older looking buildings like this one. Plus it has battlements on a tower. That gives it extra points.

      I wish we had a few Shinto shrines here. I still need to check out the Oregon Buddhist Temple in Portland. I think it's Pure Land. Still I know it won't be like the ones in Japan.

  2. Great pics! (That's a Dodge Charger btw.) ;)