Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, November 15, 2013

Livin' on the River

Actually it's the Multnomah Channel which flows along Sauvie Island.

Sauvie Island Bridge 9-26-13 1

To get there from Portland you drive US. Route 30 heading towards Sauvie Island Bridge.

Multnomah Channel houseboats 9-26-13 2

Once past the Portland Industrial District (which has a couple cool places to check out and a very interesting history) and a little north you will find people who decided to live on the water. With all the rivers in Oregon it's not surprising there are houseboats in many places. However this area has a very nice view of Sauvie Island.

Multnomah Channel houseboats 9-26-13 1

I would have more photos but it's not easy taking photos of these from land. Would have been a nice day for a sail if I had a boat.

Sauvie Island Bridge 9-26-13 2

So that is why this Grimm locations post is rather short. Sorry no photos of the specific houseboat from tonight's episode. But then it's safer not to bother the naiads there.


  1. I'm still clueless about Grimm, but I loved the ride through your tranquil countryside! ^^

    1. Well good! I'm having a hard time making myself blog but the Grimm filming locations gives me an incentive to do it while trying to make it at least a little bit interesting to people who have not seen the show. Because it's about Portland, Oregon, and what's around there.

    2. Just give me more blue skies and ...

      Oh. Wait. It's snowing now? That's OK. Just give me more cats+snow photos and I'm happy. :)

    3. Well if we got enough snow that stuck around for a little bit I would do that. But thankfully we are suppose to warm up into the 40's (Fahrenheit) so I hope cats without snow will do. But who knows what the future holds. This weather is screwy.