Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Totally OT for my blog

But since it's the topic of the day and affects a lot of people I feel like writing a few of my thoughts about Flickr.

First off, someone tried to claim that Flickr said previously there would be changes if we only looked for that info and people need to stop whining. Sorry but I do look and there was nothing stating this total overhaul of the site was going to occur. Changes are expected. Totally revamping a website with many paid users without even a beta test by users? Does not go over well and was never mentioned except at some press conference that was not big news on the site. Which it should have been. Especially since it affects all the paid accounts. Paying customers do have the right to complain and any company that refuses to listen ends up losing customers. Paying Flickr users are paying for a service and they have a right to know what that service is and a right to know when changes are going to happen. Good customer service would have been to give that information prior to it happening.

After reading a lot of what different users have said and a number of articles and the CEO of Yahoo's comments, I can only hope that Flickr gives the users what they want. Which is overwhelmingly the ability to switch between the old look and the new. But it's clear from Yahoo's CEO that she wants Flickr to be for smart phone and iPad users and she actually said there are no professional photographers any more. It's about 46 minutes into this Yahoo video that she makes this comment and more.

You know if I did have an iPhone or an iPad I would have signed up for Instagram. I still would. I don't think Instagram users are going to jump ship either. I know a lot of people who have both. Because one works with their phones and Flickr is their social sharing network. Really it has been a social network for a lot of people. Who like nice photos, including those that are professionally done. I think another reason was because it wasn't inundated with a bunch of business accounts but one that people could find others with similar interests and were willing to pay to use the site.

I have spent a good part of yesterday and today trying to figure out work arounds for the site since some of the things they changed are either not working well or actually causing me physical problems. My first decision was to never go to the main page. Instead I start at my photo stream. I realize their decision to make the main page like that was so people using their finger to scroll would have an easier time doing that. Heck, Ms. Yahoo said that in her speech. So everyone not using a smart phone, too bad.

Today I installed the Flickr Uploader. I didn't have much choice. The decision to use bright pink on black to frame uploaded photos and elsewhere is optically bad. One of the first complaints I saw on-line yesterday were people stating the new design was triggering migraines. This sort of thing isn't new and good web designers know that. I tried to use Flickr's on-line uploader but started getting migraine symptoms right away. I didn't have this problem previously. Of course I could use the really old online uploader but it has limited functionality.

A lot of the older style pages are still on the site but a number of links in them are broken already. The whole mapping interface is no longer visible with the photos so I feel I wasted a lot of time doing that. Collections have been shuttled off to a separate page so they are now useless also. I'd like to think that these things are going to be worked into the new framework but instead it feels like it will be only a matter of time till they are dumped along with all the old style pages. My experience with other websites and Ms. Yahoo's speech lead me to that conclusion.

The whole reason I was sticking with Flickr was for storage. But since there is no way to get my photos except for having to get each one individually now (one use to be able to buy them on a cd) that seems counter productive. Indeed I have to wonder if anyone paying them for storage would be able to get a full download of their photos at all.

BTW, there is no reason to pay for an account any more. With so many ad blockers out there one should not have to pay a site not to view ads. If a person wants more than a terabyte of storage, sign up for a second free account. But then, if you want to store that much data find a site that has a way to get it back to you without having to download each photo individually.

Personally I will probably just get a fire and water proof external hard drive or two. Once I get my refund back from Flickr Yahoo.

So why am I writing this? I guess after spending so much time because of this massive change I wanted to see some of my thoughts in black and white. For now I will still use Flickr but only for the photos for this blog. If another site comes along that offers the same protection for my ownership rights and protection from others being able to copy my photos, I may decide to house my photos there. Maybe this is what I needed to direct my focus to something more productive for me. Which is blogging instead of trying to get people to look at my photos and trying to upload a heck of a lot of photographs.


  1. Although I'm not a Flickr user, I'm commenting becau ...

    Well, I do have a Flickr account, but I think I uploaded four photos two years ago and then stopped.

    I'm commenting because this migration of websites to smartphones and tablets is one of my current pet peeves. I'm fully aware of the growth in this market, but can we maintain alternative PC sites until the PC has officially been declared dead? Which won't happen for a while. You can play on tablets; you can't do serious work (writing, designing, etc) on them yet.

    Have you tried Google's Picasa? It provides excellent storage facilities, although I'm not sure to what extent sharing is possible. (I use it mainly for storing and uploading to my blogs.)

    Or create a photo blog on WordPress? I would've suggested Tumblr, except that Tumblr has also been gobbled up by Ms Yahoo.


    PS: I also store all my photos on external hard drives. Bought a second one earlier this month; first one was full! :)

    1. Kind of hard to do word processing and decent photo editing in an iPhone. My thoughts also about those who think only in terms of smart phones and tablets. I don't think desk top and lap top computers are ever going to go away unless they come up with a decent alternative. Plus there are way too many gamers and people who use their computers now for watching tv and movies. I agree with you on this.

      I don't plan on moving my photos to another site or starting another blog. I've used a number of those you suggested and Flickr in the past was more supportive of ownership rights than other sites. Google is annoying in how they keep pushing Google+. Been there done that didn't care for it.

      Due to all the Tumblr users who have no qualms about stealing other people's photos including mine and how badly it handles comments I have no desire to bother with it.

      This blog is fine for now and if they don't ruin Flickr any further I will just put photos for the blog there. What the change for me is I am no longer going to use it for storing additional photos and video. I have almost 5500 photos on there. Not going to pull those off at this time but also not putting more extra photos on there.

      Will see how it goes. Such is the internet.

      (dumb me for replying in the wrong place. got it right now.)

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