Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Somehow I Have To Put This Together

A month and a day ago I ventured out to see if I could catch something rather interesting. It was sort of a small bucket list kind of thing. Since moving up here I have been watching the tv show "Grimm" because I wanted to see more of the area and didn't want to watch videos produced by people trying to sell the area to home owners or vacationers.

Turned out Grimm was right in my area of interest. Not only do they have great shots and locations from around Northwest Oregon but throwing in the dark fairy tale story line and interesting characters has made for enjoyable watching. So when I discovered while out that filming would be taking place over on NW Second and Davis I decided to take a look. What was going on is the Grimm crew was making full use of the old Merchant Hotel and the streets below for the season finale "Good Night Sweet Grimm".

Grimm filming 4-8-13 5

If I had arrived sooner I would have seen a stunt double jump out of this window. I heard it was really exciting to see.

Grimm filming 4-8-13 13

What I did get to see is the stunt double sitting on top of a stunt double Portland police car. Pretty obvious it will be edited together to show her falling out of the window and landing on the car. I saw the preview and it was great to see how they did that.

Grimm filming 4-8-13 2

So what happened after this was a lot of rehearsals and filming of a few short bits. Then it was time for more action!

Grimm filming 4-8-13 6

Grimm filming 4-8-13 14

Grimm filming 4-8-13 15

Grimm filming 4-8-13 18

Grimm filming 4-8-13 19

Grimm filming 4-8-13 20 That is actor Reggie Lee putting the cuffs on her. After this was the filming with the actress. Sadly was not able to be as close since they needed the streets around to be clear. Here are a couple shots from that.

Grimm filming 4-8-13 21

Grimm filming 4-8-13 23

Grimm filming 4-8-13 24

Grimm filming 4-8-13 27

If you want to see more, head over to my Flickr account and look for the "Grimm" tag. If this scene is in tonight's episode I will try to post a little video afterwards. Thanks for looking and a big thank you to the Grimm crew who are super nice to the people who just want to watch!

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