Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good Night Sweet Grimm

Sadly the other scene I saw filmed for the season finale was not a big splashy action one. But it had it's pluses.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 28

Like Russell Hornsby on crutches.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 29

Stunt doubles and seeing how they figure out a scene on the fly.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 30

Double zombie tow truck drivers.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 31

David Giuntoli checking Twitter...just kidding.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 32

I apologize for the pole in the remaining photos but when they ask people to move so you won't be in their shot, it's a good idea to do that. The Grimm crew was great in letting us be there, take photos and watch so cooperating with them was not a problem for me. These photos were during filming.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 33

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 34

Making the star work a little.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 35

Wondering if putting a zombie in your car is a good idea.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 36

But then again the character Nick is a Grimm who should be able to handle a zombie. We hope.

Grimm Filming 4-8-13 40

And just a nice shot of David Guintoli.

I had a lot of fun being able to see the filming that day. Again big thanks to the Grimm crew. I have seen a lot of filming during my years of living in Southern California. Not intentionally, just lived in areas where they like to film a lot. The Grimm crew was very nice and I think they film in a much more fluid way. As to the location, this was still at the Merchant Hotel site. They also filmed inside the building.


  1. Cool! Did you notice the "222" on the building is the episode number?

    1. Good catch Helena! I did not realize that but do know that is the actual building address so it was a nice coincidence.