Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Real Dining Out Review for Up Here: Taco del Sol

As someone who cut her teeth back in the day on fish tacos at the original Green Burrito (not the Carl's Jr version which is a far cry from how Green Burrito was), moving north of Southern California found me craving good fish tacos. Which are not easy to find up here. After a few months I was feeling very frustrated at the dried out flour tortilla offerings. May I will do a post on those some day.

But perseverance paid off. Not only did I find good fish tacos like the ones from down south but a place that solidly reminds me of the good Mexican eateries there. Since I am making myself blog a bit and it's almost Cinco de Mayo, let me present to you Taco del Sol.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 2

A brightly painted building greets you.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 1

With colorful windows.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 3

A perplexing set of menus inside. But don't worry. Just ask and they probably have what Mexican fast food dish you want.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 5

My first time out I went with chips with guacamole and two fish tacos. I think I was just feeling out the place after months of not finding really good fish tacos.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 7

The guacamole was not the slimy green sauce but real guacamole. Plus good salsa fresca and decent looking limes. I'm feeling good about this.

Taco del Sol 8-28-12 6

Fish tacos on corn tortillas. With cilantro and onion, I'm doing even better.

Taco del Sol 12-29-12 1

Fast forward a few months and B visiting from down below. Of course he wants to try the place out. He orders his favorite, a wet chicken burrito. Which he declared one of the best he has ever had.

Taco del Sol 12-29-12 2

He also ate taquitos. Guess he wanted to really experience their food?

Taco del Sol 12-29-12 3

I went with a three taco plate. Ended up being a lot of food for me but was so good.

Taco del Sol 1-7-13 1

Another visit and this time a cheese quesadilla. Good but another example how my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

Taco del Sol 1-7-13 2

Because I also ordered two fish tacos with it. Still good. They are consistent with the food preparation. Which most diners like.

Taco del Sol 4-20-13

It's good I don't live right by Taco del Sol because I would eat here a lot more. Once again the three taco plate. The sauces in the bottles are tasty too. I need to see if they have a two taco plate. And order guacamole with it. Sounds like a reasonable excuse to stop in again.

Taco del Sol 4-20-13 1

Because this is as good as I have had in Southern California and makes me happy.

Taco del Sol is located at 13165 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, OR. Their website is here.