Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, April 26, 2013

Well it's Friday so it's Grimm...

until Tuesday because they are changing the day that Grimm is broadcast. Hoping it is a good sign that they have faith in the show to bring in more viewers. Plus there will be a third season so I guess it means more places to check out in the future.

Today I have a couple places I visited since they were near to each other. One I have seen from the Steel Bridge. The other had the added attraction of serving Middle Eastern food.

The Sultan Cafe has stood in for Nick's and Hank's favorite place for a bite to eat, the Lewis and Clark Diner.

grimm diner 2

However in real life it looks more like this

Sultan Cafe 3/29/13

Sultan Cafe 3/29/13

Definitely not a diner.

Sultan Cafe 3/29/13

Gone are the retro fixtures. Instead it is fitted out with a nice contemporary look. Sultan Cafe is known as a place for people to smoke hookah.

Sultan Cafe 3/29/13

Having had my share of Middle Eastern food and making a few dishes now and again I wanted to try their's out. Sadly was told they were out of falafel and I kind of felt pushed into making a hasty choice by the woman there. I ended up with only a hummus plate. The flat bread was nice and warm. But if I feel the desire for Middle Eastern food I will go to a couple other places that seem to have a better selection and nice service. I'm sure for people living and working in that part of Portland do enjoy having Sultan Cafe there.

Since I actually went to a few places this trip I will add another interesting location to this post. It's a building familiar to people who live here and to anyone that has been watching Grimm for a while.

Pinnacle Condos 3-29-13 1

Pinnacle Condos, home of Grimm's Police Captain Renard. Thankfully they have filmed not only the exterior but also inside so we get to see the views of the Willamette River, bridges and parts of Portland from the top floor.

Pinnacle Condos 3-29-13 2

It is an impressive building and the curved shape makes it really stand out. It was built in 2004.

Pinnacle Condos 3-29-13 3

Pinnacle Condos 3-29-13 4

Hopefully once they complete some of the construction and park projects around it the area will be a bit nicer.

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