Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Of Grimm and Veggie Burgers and Beer and more...

A little late with my Grimm Friday photos but instead I decided to write a blog.

helvetia tavern

Towards the end of the first season there was an episode called "Big Feet" where Monroe, one of the guys who can change into an animal, heads out for his Wesen support group meeting at a local tavern. One of the few times during the series that they showed the real name of a location.

Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 5

Being rather fond of diner dining, I thought why not look this place up. Turns out it's not too far from where I live. In Helvetia farm land. Although I don't live in the middle of farm land but it's nice there.

 Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 4

Helvetia Tavern during the middle of the week.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 8

And during a sunny weekend.

 Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 1

There are actually a couple of rooms where one can eat and drink. This is the smaller room where I had a meal on my first visit.

 Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 2

Something to drink. My bad for not making it local brew.

Helvetia Tavern 8-29-12 3

I will admit my first visit was not that great. I don't know who came up with this sandwich but it was mostly mayo and lettuce. With a little turkey and cheese. I could not taste the turkey at all. So I was not so up for going back but my rare visitor really wanted to see the place.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 1

So I obliged. And we ended up in the larger room where the bar and pool tables are. Where the Wesen Support Group meets in the show.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 3

Did better with the beer. Two local brews.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 4

I was told the hamburger was very good. Helvetia Tavern is known for their burgers.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 5

I will say their veggie burger is much better than that sandwich.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 6

Best of all was the onion rings.

Helvetia Tavern 12-30-12 7

And the view outside.


  1. I found your blog! Yay! The veggie burger looks yummy...as well as the beer. So many baseball caps on the ceiling--that is an interesting way to display them. :)

    1. Nice to see you!

      I would say if a person was not into beef the veggie burger is definitely the go to meal. Much better than that sandwich. The local beer is good too. The hats do make it feel like a sports bar.

  2. I love the caps on the ceiling!

    I'm also trying to remember dates ... was this when you had the migraine beer? ;) If not, apologies, but at the start of a new semester my grasp on linear time, Africa-shaky at the best of times, goes totally haywire.

    1. I had a migraine so I had a little beer hoping it would at least relax me. Which it did. I can understand being busy, especially at the beginning of a semester. Hope it goes well!