Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Tuesday so it must be...


With Grimm the television show being moved to Tuesday nights, I'm posting another location. At least it's getting me to blog now and again. It's also a way to mention a few interesting places I have been. Like this one.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 1

They like their bridges here. So of course a show that features Portland almost as a character would have a few shots of a bridge or two.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 3

And when a bridge looks like this who could blame them?

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 5

However St. Johns Bridge doesn't just get a few shots. It's featured in a large piece of art in Nick and Juliette's home. Also I've noticed similar art in the show Portlandia.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 6

But not just the soaring spires make it onto video like the episode "The Hour of Death". Cathedral Park below was a main feature in "La Llorona".

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 4

For part of that the filming crew used the piers on the Willamette River. Looked rather peaceful when I was there earlier this year.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 7

For as lightweight St. Johns Bridge looks in the air and when crossing it, below one can see how massive it is.

St Johns Bridge 1-4-13 2

Seeing the bridge in person it's understandable why they are so proud of it.

Wiki information on St. Johns Bridge can be found here

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