Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, December 13, 2013

It's a rather Grimm Christmas

You know something odd is happening when in the middle of October a place, O'Bryant Square, that normally looks like this

looks like this. Who could be responsible for this? 

Rather festive when we had not even reached Halloween. All for Grimm. Sadly they were very late in starting filming the next night so I did not get a chance to see everything lit up.

However a few days later back up in the North West corner of the Alphabet District those sneaky Grimm elves were at it again. Although we are in Oregon and I am sure somewhere you could buy a Christmas Tree in October.

 Stores were decorated with care.

 In hopes that Krampus would soon be there.

So I will end this with the disclaimer that there is no Northwest Christmas Village in Portland except when Grimm makes it so. Still, it was rather entertaining to see all this.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Like a ghost in the sky

Still working to see what will look best. For now, here is the other volcano we can see from Portland, Oregon. Mt. St. Helens. Impressive now but before it must have looked massive from the tram station at OHSU before it erupted in 1980.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mt. Hood before the freeze

I'm trying to figure out what to do with photos for blogging. Flickr definitely has nice quality with the photos I put on-line but the fact they keep changing things with no regard to what users want is exhausting. People shouldn't have to worry about what a website is going to do.

So this is a bit of a test. I would appreciate comments as to which of these two photos you see as better quality. They are both the same just hosted two different ways through Google. I do see a difference with my monitor but I'd like to know if others see it too.

As for the photo, I was up at OHSU, the medical complex up on Marquam Hill the other day. There is a tram that one can take down to the Willamette River. It was my first time there so I wanted to take a look from the tram station. The view is amazing. I could see both Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. So here is Mt. Hood as the sun was setting. The brown haze is due to people burning leaves and other debris.

Please leave a comment as to if you see any differences in the photos and what that might be. Thank you very much for participating!

Friday, December 6, 2013

First you see it

I was out back in September when I came across someone putting notices on this very nice looking church.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 1

The church is St. James Lutheran Church.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 2

It's located at the South Park Blocks right by the Portland Art Museum.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 3

The building was designed by Phillip Chappell Browne and the original stone was carved from Tenino sandstone around 1900.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 5

The Povey Brothers created a couple of the large stain glass windows while others including lancet windows by Bryce Anderson were added later. The reason for some of the revisions was because the tower had structural damage and was rebuilt from the top of the first floor up in the 1970's.

St James Church Portland 9-8-13 4

So just what was this notice about?

St James Church Portland 9-11-13 1

This. Filming for the Grimm episode "Stories We Tell Our Young".

St James Church Portland 9-11-13 2

As you can see they covered up a good deal of the church for filming inside.

Grimm Dodge Charger police car 9-11-13

Parked around the corner was the Dodge Charger waiting for filming later that night.

Here is a webpage where I found information about the church. St. James PDX Architectural History
Also photos inside the church. The inside will be seen in the episode.  St. James PDX architectural detail photo gallery

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Alphabet District and the Multnomah Medical Examiner

It was hard to come up with something for this new Grimm episode "El Cucay". I do know parts were filmed in NW Portland, also known as the Alphabet District.

Portland PD Grimm 8-29-13

This is a good indication there will be some kind of police action filmed.

NW Portland 3

For a couple days back in August Grimm's crews took over the area near Thurman and 25th Ave. Wondering what is at the other end of this?

NW Portland 4

Really big lights.

NW Portland 1

A bit of the action centered around the Thurman Mart. Which was renamed and decorated with graffiti just for the show. The neighborhood here is actually pretty nice.

NW Portland 2

I know this is boring so I thought I would add something that is not too far from this location. Something that isn't what it appears to be.

NW Portland 5

A building with rather permanent looking signage for the Multnomah County Medical Examiner. Except it isn't.

NW Portland 6

Actually the Multnomah County Medical Examiner is down on SW 190th Ave. in Portland. This building is the one used for the outside of Grimm's version. Unlike the police stickers that have been removed now from the Customs House, this building still graces it's Grimm marker. Previously this was the American Can Building where tin cans were made. The exterior makes occasional appearances during the show.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Livin' on the River

Actually it's the Multnomah Channel which flows along Sauvie Island.

Sauvie Island Bridge 9-26-13 1

To get there from Portland you drive US. Route 30 heading towards Sauvie Island Bridge.

Multnomah Channel houseboats 9-26-13 2

Once past the Portland Industrial District (which has a couple cool places to check out and a very interesting history) and a little north you will find people who decided to live on the water. With all the rivers in Oregon it's not surprising there are houseboats in many places. However this area has a very nice view of Sauvie Island.

Multnomah Channel houseboats 9-26-13 1

I would have more photos but it's not easy taking photos of these from land. Would have been a nice day for a sail if I had a boat.

Sauvie Island Bridge 9-26-13 2

So that is why this Grimm locations post is rather short. Sorry no photos of the specific houseboat from tonight's episode. But then it's safer not to bother the naiads there.

Friday, November 8, 2013

It wasn't Grimm in the Gorge today

In fact it was a pretty nice day to be there even though it was cloudy.

Multnomah Falls 11-8-13

I have a rare visitor for the last couple of weeks so that is a priority over posting. Next week I hope to have something a little more than just a photo of the Multnomah Falls. Which was the setting for the end of "Lonely Hearts", episode 4 of the first season of Grimm.

If you would like to see a larger version of the photo just click on it and it will take you to the photo on Flickr.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Portland's US Customs House

Once again it's Friday and the return of the television show Grimm. So I'm going to get back to showing a few places that turn up as part of the world of Grimm. Since it's the season three premier tonight I thought I would start off with a building that is probably one of the most filmed in Portland, Oregon. The US Customs House.

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 1

US Customs in Portland was originally located in what is now known as the Pioneer Courthouse. However more room was needed as Portland was growing as a port city so construction began in 1898 and finished in 1901 of the new US Customs House Building.

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 2

It's an imposing design based on English Renaissance architecture. Architect Edgar M. Lazarus, known for other works in Oregon like Vista House, oversaw the building. If you watch Grimm you might be familiar with these arches. Because this is used as the entrance of the Police Department. Remember when Adalind Schade reluctantly left the jail only to run into Captain Renard?

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 3

US Customs House Portland 5-25-13 1

The building has been undergoing restoration and now is leasing offices. Which is why the blue lift was there. The interior of the police department used for Grimm is actually based on another building located in the St. Johns neighborhood. There may be a few shots in the Grimm pilot of the interior of the Customs House.

US Customs House Portland 5-25-13 2

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 5

It's worth it to take a walk around the building. There are many interesting details.

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 6

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 8

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 9

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 10

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 11

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 12

Another angle of the arches. I took photos on two different days. First in March and then after Grimm filming wrapped in May. Because I wanted to see something.

US Customs House Portland 3-29-13 4

Even though they were remodeling and actively looking for tenants, the doors still had the Portland Police stickers on them. So I was pretty sure Grimm would be renewed for a third season. Glad the doors were right.

The Portland US Customs House is located at 220 NW 8th Avenue, across from the North Park Blocks.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Laika's in the House

One of the marvelous things I learned about where I moved to is it is home to Laika Studios. The place that created the films "Coraline" and "ParaNorman" and many other stop motion bits that fill our air ways.

Laika event 10-12-13 1

Even better is that from time to time Laika participates in events and presentations. So when I found out Supervising Production Designer Nelson Lowry would be speaking I found myself over in SE Portland at a We Make event.

Laika event 10-12-13 2

We were given a field note book from Laika and a couple other things from We Make. Laika provided stamps so the field note books could be individualized. I'm sad that I lost my Laika pencil they gave us.

Laika event 10-12-13 3

After a speech by the We Make people, it was time for the main event.

Laika event 10-12-13 0

While you might not be familiar with Nelson Lowry by sight you might know a few of the things he's worked on. Like "The PJs", "Corpse Bride", "The Fabulous Mr. Fox" and "ParaNorman". Plus the upcoming "Box Trolls" movie.

Laika event 10-12-13 4

It was a very interesting look into the process that making a movie can take. He went into a little bit of how the look of "ParaNorman" came to life. First there were photos taken in Massachusetts to get a feel for how they wanted Norman's world to look like.

Laika event 10-12-13 5

Followed by drawings.

Laika event 10-12-13 6

Then the building of the sets. Mr. Lowry mentioned there were no straight lines which was frustrating to build but it does create a look that says a lot about the story that is told. We can see that things are not going to be normal in Norman's world.

Laika event 10-12-13 7

So how do you make things like cars that aren't put together with straight lines? Well if you are Nelson Lowry you use cardboard and tape.

Laika event 10-12-13 8

Mr. Lowry went into more of his personal creating. His main love is making robots. Out of cardboard, foam core board, found things and tape.

Laika event 10-12-13 9

Which end up looking like this. Seriously amazing. He said he airbrushes them with talcum power and glue which not only covers but becomes hard so they are more durable.

Laika event 10-12-13 10

To get details like this he carves them.

Nelson Lowry's talk was inspiring and very interesting. Instead of feeling like one has to have a lot of tools and expensive materials to make things he brought it down to the idea that we can create amazing things out of stuff we have laying around the house. If he holds a workshop I would definitely consider attending. Thank you Laika Studios for putting this on. It was definitely worth it.

In case you would like to hear one of Nelson Lowry's presentations here is one from Creative Mornings. I think he was a little more awake for the We Make one but it's still a really good look into what goes into making these movies.