Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, February 10, 2012

Food for Friday: We get Capriotti's!

Capriotti Bobbie 1

I like a little mystery. So here's one for you. Just who or what is "Bob"?

Capriotti 2

Something that isn't a mystery but known to those who like sandwiches is that Capriotti's is definitely a good place to eat at.

Capriotti 1

I found out about the one in Torrance, California opening from a couple of on-line news reviews. Seems they are very popular in Las Vegas and thus have a few people here now very happy. So I had to see for myself.

Capriotti tuna 1

Now I will admit to having been there three times now. This was my second time meal. The small tuna sandwich. Not bad.

Capriotti turkey 1

My choice for my first time and third time is their homemade turkey sandwich.

Capriotti turkey 2

I have to say, this is one good turkey sandwich. You can get things added or taken off. I like it the way it is just without onions and with a bit of mayo. If you aren't a meat eater they have vegetarian versions and salads. I am thinking of trying the veggie turkey.

Capriotti Bobbie 2

As for who is "Bob"? Not me. It's the Bobbie sandwich. My cohort's choice for the day. This is the medium size by the way.

Capriotti Bobbie 3

It's turkey, cranberry sauce and lots of dressing. I tried the dressing and it wasn't bad. I think it got a good review since it was finished before I finished my smaller turkey sandwich.

Capriotti's also has hot sandwiches and slightly smaller sizes on sliced bread of a few of their regular sandwiches. I personally really like their sandwich rolls. Very fresh tasting. I also like their service and you can eat there or get it to go or even have it delivered as they do catering too.

Capriotti's web site with locations and more is here. I'm really hoping that they will open a store near where I plan to move to. Because they definitely will get my business.

I'm going to edit this because I made the mistake of going on the weekend to this Capriotti's and it was the total opposite of my prior three visits. Absolutely bad service. When there are no customers and the people working there are more interested in chatting than taking your order and making your sandwich....well, they should be made to look for work elsewhere. So I have to take it back about definitely getting my business. It definitely depends if they do good like my prior visits or fail like my last one.

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