Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Full Moon at Zojo-ji (March 19th, 2012)

Tokyo 3-19 51

My night time walk ended at Zojoji Temple. It was strange being at this massive Buddhist temple with no lights and no people. Not a normal way for it to be.

Tokyo 3-19 52

But I wasn't alone. There were the people on the streets just outside the temple and a cat who made weird noises at me.

Tokyo 3-19 53

I don't remember much being made of the "Super Moon" in Japan unlike outside of the country. What do I remember?

Tokyo 3-19 54

Of course a full moon was always something people loved viewing.

Tokyo 3-19 55

But with so much on everyone's minds it wasn't as important as it might have been in normal times.

Tokyo 3-19 56

I know they didn't say much about the idea that this moon caused the earthquake. Probably because they have lots of quakes at all different times and know quite well that having a country on top of many tectonic plates will result in earthquakes and more.

Tokyo 3-19 57

Still it was nice to take a moment and view the moon and reflect on everything that was going on. For it was a heavy weight and it seemed important to take time from doing and just look.

Tokyo 3-19 58

Tokyo 3-19 59

Tokyo 3-19 60

And I marveled that I was able to view the full moon sitting on the steps of the Daiden as the moon rose over the main gate Sangedatsumon.

Tokyo 3-19 61

And I was grateful that it was still here and that I could do this. And wished so very much that I could come back again some day.

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