Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, January 27, 2012

Food for Friday: Cafe Dahab in Santa Monica

Cafe Dahab 5

Having at one time been an Egyptian house wife for a short period, I feel a bit of connection to the people of that country. So last year we went to a place in Santa Monica, California, where I hoped would see a bit of how people here were feeling about the events unfolding in Egypt.

I'm very glad we did to to Cafe Dahab. We kind of over ordered but with all the real authentic Egyptian food it's hard not to. Of course we didn't know the plate of khosari was going to be this big!

Cafe Dahab 4

We also had the three appetizers. Their ful medames was really good.

Cafe Dahab 3

This is what ful is suppose to look like. Except you need a big plate of pita bread with it.

Cafe Dahab 1

Pickles and olives, goat cheese with tomatoes, olive oil and spices.

Cafe Dahab 2

Humas! Can't have Egyptian food without humas. Just would seem incomplete. Really good humas at Cafe Dahab.

Cafe Dahab 6

So if you are in Santa Monica and wanting something different, try Cafe Dahab. They do have hookah for those so inclined.

Their website is here: Cafe Dahab
Definitely worth eating at if you like Middle Eastern food or want to try Egyptian food. There aren't many Egyptian restaurants around. This one I do recommend as an experienced eater and cook of Egyptian cuisine.

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