Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nakano Broadway and kaitan sushi (March 18th, 2011)

Tokyo 3-18 1

I took a chance. My feet were still hurting badly but I really needed to go someplace. It was a week after the earthquake, tsunami and the start of the nuclear meltdowns. Distractions and getting away from tv and news were much needed.

Tokyo 3-18 2

So I headed to a place many others have recommended. Nice sunny day meant going to a sunshine filled place called Nakano Sun Mall. Which is the main way to get to Nakano Broadway. Where I saw a lot more than I expected and had a couple nice surprises. Keep looking to find out what they were.

Tokyo 3-18 3

The Manhattan Burger wasn't one of the surprises. I'm not sure what on this burger is considered typical Manhattan. If that is ham...obviously this burger has nothing to do with Manhattan.

Tokyo 3-18 4

The shopping street or shotengai leading towards Nakano Broadway was pretty busy and had nice shops. I bought a pair of Cat Bus socks and some other things. I was pleased with how easy it was to find my way there. Nakano Sun Mall has plenty of places to eat too besides McDonalds.

Tokyo 3-18 5

I reach my goal. Now the question was would my feet be able to handle five stories of shops?

Tokyo 3-18 6

I realized I was going to have to limit what I saw. Still so much temptation made it hard to not try to see every floor. Especially the fifth floor where original anime art is for sale and also Mandarake's doll spaces. Where I saw a very special doll that was on my mind from that moment on.

The clock in this photo is kind of interesting now that I look back. Like the clock at Harajuku Station I can now relate where I was with what was happening at that time. About a half hour after I entered was the nationwide moment of silence for those who lost so much a week before. It was hard not to cry.

Tokyo 3-18 8

After leaving Nakano Broadway I was very hungry but not sure where to eat. Kaiten Zushi always works for me.

Tokyo 3-18 9

I really wish I could remember the name of this place. The server was very nice and tried really hard to talk with me. I think at that point in time most people figured if you were still in Tokyo you lived there and spoke some Japanese. I found people being much more open than ever. It was a great feeling and I wish I could have said more to them.

Tokyo 3-18 10

Back to this place. I was a bit thrilled because it wasn't just a conveyor belt sushi place, it was a train sushi restaurant!

Tokyo 3-18 12

Sadly I could not figure out the touch screen to order something special but it was fun watching other people get their meals sent to them on the little trains.

Tokyo 3-18 7

Some kind of sushi mix with mayo if I remember right. It was pretty good.

Tokyo 3-18 11

The best was the seared salmon. Honestly, I need to do this from now on when I have sushi at home. It really makes it that much better. I've had it since then and definitely beats just raw salmon.

So those were my surprises and despite having pain in my feet that would not go away, I would not have missed finally going to Nakano Broadway and all that was around there. If you like anime or dolls or figures or manga, it's definitely one of the top places to go. There are also clothing and other types of shops there. And lots of places to eat. I hope to go back one day when my feet are in better shape.

As for that doll, I ended up using Mandarake's on-line shopping service and bought her once I got home from Japan. Besides putting a little money into their economy, I feel she has helped me with the emotions I have felt having been through such an event. If you look at my doll blog here, you will find a post dedicated to her arrival.

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