Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Stroll: Long Beach murals

egrets mural

The one thing about the Long Beach area in Southern California is there is a lot of random art in the most surprising places. I'm surprised the city never put together an on-line map to it all.

egrets mural 2

I use to have information about this mural. It was painted by Jane Boyd in 1977. She painted a few other murals in the area. "Flight of the Egrets" is located on the beach near the end of Cherry Avenue below Bixby Park. Interested to learn what was originally here and see more art?

lilies detail mural

Water lilies and snowy egrets grace what was most likely the entrance to a pedestrian tunnel going under Ocean Boulevard. It could use some repair.

LB art 3

I took these photos a few years ago and now am trying hard to remember where they were located. This is at 408 East First Street. I'm not sure of the age of this art deco style mural since there have been murals made going back to the 1930s and also more current ones reflecting that style.

LB art 4

Such as this one representing various times and features of Long Beach.

Long Beach Harbor mural

The harbor area with the Vincent Thomas Bridge. The bathing beauties represent the time in the early 1900's when Long Beach was a major beach resort complete with an amusement park on a pier called The Pike. Quite a history about that if you ever want to read something interesting. They also give a nod to the beauty pageants that were held in Long Beach.

Long Beach Harbor mural detail 1

What appears to be an older style fishing boat reflecting how in the past there were a large number of Japanese fishermen who worked in the area. There were canneries on Terminal Island before it became the huge port that it is now. Sadly we know what caused things to change.

Long Beach Harbor mural detail 2

Sea bird with the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

Downtown Long Beach mural

This is one of Long Beach's most famous murals. Located near the Walmart shopping area at the parking structure on 3rd Street off of Pine Avenue, it is a mosaic that reflects part of the history of the area. People enjoying the beach and other activities. It was originally designed by Henry Allen Nord and created in 1938 as part of the New Deal/WPA Art. I am glad they saved this.

Z Gallerie mural

I don't know if this is still here or who the artist is. It is a newer painting on the back of what use to be Z Gallerie on Pine Avenue at about Pine Avenue between Broadway and 3rd Street. It wraps around the building.

Of course there is the most famous mural in Long Beach, the Long Beach Sports Arena with the Wyland Whales Mural. I could never get a good photo of it. But there are plenty on line if you want to see it.

There are many more murals in Long Beach and other public art. I wish I had been able to document more of them but some are not in the best areas. Still it was really nice to see them as I did.

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