Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My earthquake supplies & the NHK

Tokyo 3-16 27

Thought I would make a post about how I dealt with food during the days right after the big quake and tsunami. The problem I found was at Haneda Airport they were not prepared to deal with thousands of people staying there. Even before this there were complaints that the restaurants all stopped serving food at 10 pm so late night travelers were stuck with no options.

From now on when I travel I will take some granola bars. Because all I had to eat were Cadbury Creme Eggs. I only ate a few that night because they are really sweet. I did find a beverage vending machine with a few drinks left. Haneda International Airport needs to come up with a better plan.

The two miso soups I found in a 7-11 near Shiba Park (Shiba koen). What happened in Tokyo is most people were stuck at their work so they cleaned out all the konbini and most of the restaurants. Which meant me the visitor had a hard time finding anything at all to eat the first day or so. The soups were sitting on the shelf all by themselves. Must have been found long after the locusts, I mean the salary people, had bought everything up.

The item on the left is a bag of bagel chips. Eating places were open on random days for about the first week. One day that I found Poko Bagels open I stopped in and bought a few. When I mentioned I flew in the day of the quake the very nice people there offered me the bag of bagel chips.

Tokyo 3-16 28

The first few days the news was on all the time. It was interesting to compare NHK's broadcast to American ones. American they would have whipped up computer animation to show what was going on. Not in Japan. It was really interesting to see the models they created of Fukushima Dai-ichi. Actually was scary to see at the time also.


Although the addition of pumper trucks complete with stream of water was amusing.


In case you don't understand Japanese, when you see the newscasters wearing safety helmets it means there was an earthquake happening.


But I just used this. My trusty earthquake monitor. Actually because I ended up feeling like things were shaking even when they weren't, this was good to have. It took a day home to regain my land legs. There is even a phrase for feeling earthquakes are happening when they are not. It's called jinshin yoi, earthquake sickness. I've been in earthquakes but never had experienced that before. Have you been in an earthquake before?

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