Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, November 11, 2011

Food for Friday: Sake and Meiji Jingu Vistor Center

Tokyo 3-15 26

Across from the wall of wine is the casks of sake for Meiji Shrine.

Tokyo 3-15 72

Very impressive.

Tokyo 3-15 73

I couldn't help but take photos of some of the art work on the casks. Also, if you keep reading you can see where you can get a bite to eat at the shrine.

Tokyo 3-15 74

Really enjoyed seeing the different brewery labels. Mount Fuji is very popular.

Tokyo 3-15 75

While many have an older look, there were a few more contemporary like the gold crane flying in front of the red sun.

Tokyo 3-15 76

Sakura blossoms also were represented.

Tokyo 3-15 77

Just a little way in from the South Entrance there is a nice gift shop, museum and cafeteria. Luckily the gift shop was open so I did my souvenir shopping there. Because it's hard to travel without bringing back something for those close to you.

Tokyo 3-15 78

They call the cafeteria a cafe, but it's okay. It was really nice to get warm food and warm tea. Just a bite but considering I hadn't had much warm food since arriving in Japan it was much appreciated.

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  1. I never fail to take photos here everytime we are in vicinity. :)