Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, November 4, 2011

Food for Friday: Bahooka!

Bahooka 1

Bahooka 2

Bahooka is one of those one of a kind restaurants. I'm surprised more people don't go there.

Bahooka 3

What is on the outside is just a hint of what you will find inside.

Bahooka 4

So you have to keep reading my post if you have never been there. And if you have, hurray for you!

Bahooka 5

You see Bahooka isn't just a restaurant. It's all about the ambiance. Lots of ambiance.

Bahooka 6

One of the first things you will notice is there are a lot of fish tanks. According to their site there are over 100 of them. I believe it.

Bahooka 7

With all sorts of creatures inside.

Bahooka 8

Bahooka 9

Tiki decor use to be big. Now not much is left. Bahooka goes with it and throws in a lot more.

Bahooka 10

Next time I go back I will finally have one of those flaming bowls.

Bahooka 11

Bahooka has been around since 1967 so they have a lot of experience getting those tropical drinks just right. My Blue Hawaiian.

Bahooka 12

Bahooka's menu isn't super deep nor has I think it changed much over the years. Definitely a tropical bent with a bit of fried stuff. But even if you are vegetarian, there are items like the side dish of baked yam or vegetarian burger that means you won't go hungry. And I bet if you wanted a minor change to something like a salad, they would do it. It's that kind of place.

Bahooka 13

The booths are surrounded by tanks.

Bahooka 14

While above all sorts of things dangle.

Bahooka 15

Some booths have unique decorative touches.

Bahooka 16

However the star of all those aquariums is Rufus, the Pacu. Rufus is a film star btw.

Bahooka 17

Bahooka is here:
4501 N. Rosemead Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770

And of course their website.

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