Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Walk through Meiji Shrine (March 15th, 2011)

Tokyo 3-15 28

Even with everything going on, there were still those dedicated to their work. I did wonder if racking gravel that day was a little risky.

Tokyo 3-15 29

The emptiness was a bit astounding. This is one of the most popular shrines in all of Japan.

Tokyo 3-15 18

Still it was nice to be able to stop and spend time looking at things I might have missed if there were crowds. Like this bridge, and more below.

Tokyo 3-15 30

Tokyo 3-15 31

Tokyo 3-15 32

The mix of stone work found in some places is interesting to me, creating a nice look for something practical.

Tokyo 3-15 33

I finally reach the shrine.

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