Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Stroll: Union Station, Los Angeles

Union Station 1

It's kind of frustrating living in Southern California. Because most older architecture is long gone.

Union Station 2

But there is one place where you can get a feel for days past. Not too far past but for Los Angeles, this is part of history.

Union Station 3

Definitely was worth going to see last year. I was surprised and amazed at all the architectural details. Want to see more?

Union Station 4

While over the years things have been added for convenience or safety or trying to make some money, one can still see the beauty that was put in place at Los Angeles' main train station.

Union Station 5

Union Station 6

Union Station 7

Most of the old train stations in Southern California are gone.

Union Station 11

Union Station 8

It's sad to think of all the interesting historical architecture that has been lost.

Union Station 9

Union Station 10

But at least you can visit this one and see a piece of history here.

Union Station 12

Union Station 13

Union Station 14

Union Station 15

Even down to some of the older seating.

Union Station 16

Union Station 17

Union Station 18

Best part was a side wing that was closed off to the public.

Union Station 19

Union Station 20

Built in 1939 Union Station isn't old compared to a lot of places elsewhere. But for Southern California it is something worth seeing. The Los Angeles Conservancy does have walking tours which if I was visiting the area might be worth trying.
Information is here about the walking tour.

Union Station is across the street from Olvera Street which has more interesting architecture and restaurants with pretty good Mexican food. 

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  1. What a lovely art deco building!

  2. Hey Caerbannog, yes it is. I didn't think to check out what it was like inside before going so it was a nice surprise that they have kept it this way. Definitely something worth seeing that I don't think most people go to see when in Los Angeles.