Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, October 21, 2011

Food for Friday: Eatalian

Eatalian 1

Making this post is like trying to order at Eatalian. There is so much to chose from just how do I put everything into one post?

By the way, that's not the actual entrance to Eatalian.

Eatalian 3

You actually go in through a side street door to a waiting area surrounded by large cans of tomatoes. Unusual choice for a dividing wall but then again, Eatalian isn't your usual restaurant.

Eatalian 4

And why isn't it? It's location is in the middle of an industrial area. Surrounded by auto repair shops, warehouses and more, it's hard to imagine there is an up and coming Italian restaurant there. But there is a reason for this choice of location. Keep going to find out why and also see just some of the things they cook up there.

Because they want to make cheese there. Already a bakery and gelato maker, the idea of having everything in a large building makes sense. But then if they are a food processor, why also the restaurant?

Eatalian 2

Well, I have to say that who ever designed their place was able to make use of the space and also create a light non-industrial feeling to the dining area.

Eatalian 5

Sky lights, open beverage area and kitchen give a contemporary yet functional look.

Eatalian 7

When the place is full for lunch and the wood fired pizza oven is going it's a warm feeling too. I like being able to see the chefs working hard creating our meals. And yes, Eatalian gets very busy at lunch. I have to go over for dinner some time and see how the crowd is then.

Eatalian 6

The open plan for the restaurant means you can see the baked goods and gelato counter from most tables.

Eatalian 13

Very tempting. They do offer samples.

Eatalian 14

But I come for the food.

Eatalian 8

Fresh baked bread.

Eatalian 9

Bright fresh produce for a flavorful green salad.

Eatalian 10

Pasta. Pasta from recipes made in Northern Italy. Like this Spaghetti alla Puttanesca with olives, capers and anchovies. My dining partner loved it.

Eatalian 12

The best ravioli I have ever eaten. I think it's because the dough was so thin it was not like eating a mouthful of only dough. More like thin tastes of fresh ravioli gently holding spinach and cheese. This was the Tortelli Verdi and definitely something I would order again and again.

Eatalian 15

Second visit and my partner ordered the daily special of Chicken Marsala and declared it the best he's ever had. So we were even with the bests.

Eatalian 17

Linguini with Vongole. Wanting a little iron boost I went with the clams. Very good fresh clams hanging out with cherry tomatoes.

eatalian lunch 1

Third visit and my friend was now into the lasagna with meat sauce. I'm just sad they don't have a non-meat version. But he declared this rather large serving also quite good.

eatalian lunch 2

I was craving pesto so went with the Penne Capresi. Good but I was a little overwhelm by the overabundance of olive oil and garlic. This was a non-pine nut pesto. The fresh mozzarella was really nice.

eatalian lunch 4

So it may seem we have tried this place a lot, but there are still the pizzas and breakfast and panini sandwiches...as you can see, Eatalian is definitely a place for food lovers and people who want to get together for a nice meal.

Eatatian's website, locations, hours and menus are all here. For me, definitely a very good place to get Italian food in the South South Bay of California.

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