Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, September 23, 2011

Food for Friday: Fish Tacos at Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh 1

The other day I realized I haven't posted a fish taco review in a while. So here's a quick one from the Baja Fresh in Manhattan Beach. It's been a little while since we were there so things might have changed but it looks like their grilled and crisp Mahi Mahi tacos are still on the menu.

Baja Fresh 3

The food isn't bad at Baja Fresh. At least at this location the food was just like their name, fresh. Their black beans were quite good.

Baja Fresh 2

Overall for Mexican fast food chains it wasn't bad. My only complaint is that so many places are doing the same thing now. Why does everyone have to make the grilled fish tacos blackened or Cajun now? Is it to hide the quality of the fish? I realize it's a trend but the best fish tacos I remember are not like this. Plus it's bad when it's not noted on the menu. Not everyone can eat spicy food and I'd much rather be able to taste the fish and add whatever salsa I want. Even the crispy was a bit spicy. So if you like your fish tacos that way, Baja Fresh would be one place to stop by. Me, I'm still looking.

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