Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, September 2, 2011

Food for Friday: Caffe Veloce in Minato Tokyo

Tokyo 3-12 109

Okay the story about food the day after the Big Quake, Tsunami and the rest of it. The night of March 11th was chaotic and impossible to find food to eat because there were so many people stuck at the airport. I ended up eating a couple Cadbury Creme Eggs from the stash I had brought as gifts. It's going to be a long time till I feel like eating those again. The morning of March 12th I made it to my hotel and luckily they were still serving breakfast but it was really crowded. I think they had a number of people who work in the area who got rooms on March 11th. They also were a little limited as to what they had to serve but I did get food finally. I wish I had snuck a few things out like a couple rolls because I didn't know just how bad the food situation would be.

Previously when I traveled to Japan I depended on the konbini for cheap eats when not eating out. But what I found out on March 12th that a swarm of black suited locusts had descended on all the konbini and restaurants in the area and had eaten EVERYTHING the night before. It must have been party time in ol' Minato.

As I posted before, all of the restaurants and fast food places were closed. They had run out of food. The only place open was Yoshinoya which given I can't eat it back home it would have been a last resort there. I was really hoping to find something.

I went to three or four konbini in the area and all were out of fresh food, snacks and alcohol. I finally found at the 7-11 at Shibadaimon two lonely cups of miso soup. I don't know why they were left, maybe the staff found them in the back room.

Hoping to avoid Yoshinoya I kept looking. Lucky for me there was one place open. I don't know if I have ever been so grateful to see a case full of sandwiches in my life. Well not quite full but enough for me to get a couple and not feel bad. Thank you Caffe Veloce!

Tokyo 3-12 107

Featuring here the teriyaki chicken sandwich that I bought. It really was very good. Of course hunger helped I am sure. I also bought a tuna and an egg salad sandwich because I didn't know when fresh food would show up or when some of the restaurants would re-open. So hard to know what is going on when I don't know much of the language. Plus the news was rather sketchy. I tried not to worry too much but imagine traveling to a foreign country and all of the sudden there is no food available and very little information?

Tokyo 3-12 108

I also bought a scone and I think a couple little cookies. A little messier than my usual photos but then it was eat first and then think about taking a picture.

Tokyo 3-12 110

I bought the last two packages of chips that were in the vending machine in the hotel. Amazing how people go for the snacks. I was just wanting something to eat and chips and Kit Kats were it for the vending around there.

So that was my lunch and dinner on March 12th, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan. I don't normally horde food when I'm traveling but I could tell this trip was going to be different and I would have to spend time trying to find something to eat. Not what I expected.

A shout out to Caffe Veloce. I ended up going back a second time on my trip. The sandwiches were really good!

Caffe Veloce

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