Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Empty streets (Minato Tokyo March 13, 2011)

Tokyo 3-13 11

Oh thank heaven for 7-11. It's amusing to me that the convenience store I'm so use to back home was the place I finally found some fresh food to take back to my hotel. The market I was directed to was closed but thankfully 7-11 had just received a delivery of bento, salads and such. Which was quickly selling. You can see I wasn't the only one looking for something to eat.

Tokyo 3-13 12

I finally figured out what the banners and signs in this area were about.

Tokyo 3-13 13

They are for the Minato Business Association. Even found their website. I photographed this sign before with how the sidewalks are a little bent to accommodate it. Minato is a Tokyo Harbor area which would explain the anchor.

Tokyo 3-13 14

A few cars on the road but compared to usual, this was empty. Since it was Sunday the salary men and women would not have been around as much but last time I was here there were way more people out and about.

Tokyo 3-13 15

Heading out again I decided to head towards a place that hopefully would be open. On the way I checked out this Jizo I had noticed . He sits on a street with businesses, restaurants and apartments near a train passage. Interesting how people felt it important to make sure he was attended to with fresh flowers and a full glass. Even with everything going on doing these little things were important.

Tokyo 3-13 16

The walkway under the railroad where the Jizo is nearby. Looks scary but it's not.

Tokyo 3-13 18

Under the rail lines that run through Hamamatsucho Station. Normally this tunnel is used a lot by salary people and others. Not today.

Tokyo 3-13 19

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