Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Monday, August 15, 2011

With new appreciation (Zojo-ji Temple in Tokyo after the quake)

Tokyo 3-12 20

Sangedatsu Gate for Zojo-ji Temple.

Tokyo 3-12 21

Way less people. And cones in front although there doesn't appear to be any damage. I see others going in so I go too. Would you like to see what it was like after the big quake?

Tokyo 3-12 22

The side of Sangedatsu Mon. I've posted about this gate or mon before so if you check the tags you can read a bit more about it. Considering this was built in 1622, it says a lot about construction techniques even back then.

Tokyo 3-12 23

Looking through to the normally busy plaza of Zojo-ji. Cones and bars on the other side too. My thought is that if things started shaking they didn't want people standing under the gate. Makes sense.

Tokyo 3-12 28

Daibonsho, the big bell, looks fine also. It is one biggest bells in Kanto and one of the oldest that was cast during the Edo period. It is amazing everything held up so well.

Tokyo 3-12 29

Even this stone lantern held together. Some did not fair so well in other places.

Tokyo 3-12 24

Daiden, the main hall. Like many of the temples in Tokyo, it is a newer building made of amazing construction techniques. I don't know how the ornamentation, alter and else held up inside though. Daiden was not open during the times I visited unlike my first time there. A few people still walked up the steps

Tokyo 3-12 25

I take a few more photos of the empty temple grounds with Tokyo Tower in the background.

Tokyo 3-12 26

I notice something isn't right.

Tokyo 3-12 27

Using my camera's zoom I am able to see the top sections of Tokyo Tower are bent.

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