Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tokyo is closed

paper 2

The ride on the monorail from Haneda Airport was smooth. I kept looking for any damage, broken windows, cracks in buildings and saw none. How could a city survive an 8.8 earthquake with no damage? The only thing I saw that even suggested something was happening were the occasional strange ripples in waterways as we traveled.

I reached my hotel and and convinced the desk clerk to give me a room at that time instead of waiting till 3:00 pm. I knew I would have to pay but I wanted a place to rest, to use the internet and such. Luckily they were still serving breakfast in the little lobby so I made sure to eat finally. So many people were there. I don't usually take newspapers but I did this time.

Tokyo 3-12 1

Made it to my room. The view out the window showed no damage to anything. Amazing considering this is very near Tokyo Harbor and Rainbow Bridge. What I did see is all the offices were blacked out. No lights in any of them. It was Saturday so I didn't think too much of this.

Tokyo 3-12 2

Even the apartments appeared vacant.

Tokyo 3-12 3

I wasn't able to rest. I guess I was running on a bit of adrenaline, or perhaps still feeling shocked. I tried watching the news but had yet to figure out where the translation button was. At that point the news on-line was about the quake and a little about the tsunami. The other thing on my mind is trying to find food for lunch and dinner. 

Tokyo 3-12 4

Since it appeared I wasn't going to be able to go anywhere I decided it would be best to walk around the area that I got to know my last visit here. I stopped by the Inari shrine next door and said it was good to see it was there and fine.

Tokyo 3-12 5

However it was quickly evident that finding food was not going to be easy. For all the restaurants were closed.

Tokyo 3-12 6

Including my favorite bagel shop, Poko Montreal Bagels. It was understandable, people had bigger things to deal with that day.

Tokyo 3-12 7

Even the boats on the Furukawa seems quieter than usual.

Tokyo 3-12 8

Finding less people around and not much else to do, I explored a bit more. Seeing things like this Shinto shrine hidden between two buildings. It is on the bank of the Furukawa.

Tokyo 3-12 9

The streets of Shiba strangely empty of cars and people. Daimon still there but around it, everything was closed. Even McDonalds and Family Mart. I could see finding food was not going to be any easier than trying to get information as to what was going on in Japan at that time.

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