Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To ask for protection (Zojo-ji in Tokyo, Japan)

Tokyo 3-12 30

Ankokuden, where the Black Image of Amida Buddha is enshrined.

tokyo 3-12 31

Dressed with banners for Hina Matsuri, Girl's Day. There is more to see and a bit of information if you want to see.

Tokyo 3-12 32

I had trouble identifying this building because most photos it looks different. But based on Google maps and dates of photos on Flickr, it appears they did major construction on it and now it appears different from most photos including the roof.

Tokyo 3-12 33

Large incense burner in front. I attempted to burn incense but the lighter would not work. Another casualty of the earthquake.

Tokyo 3-12 34

Lovely ema, some with rabbits for the year of the rabbit and some with dolls for Hina Matsuri.

Tokyo 3-12 35

And the Shofuku Jizo. I didn't see anyone attending them. It was just the day after the Great Quake so I am sure parents were making sure their children were safe and taken care of.

Tokyo 3-12 36

As a traveler I couldn't help but ask for a little safety for myself.

Tokyo 3-12 37

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