Friday, August 5, 2011

Food for Friday: There's always a first time

for okonomiyaki!

A few years ago we headed out to Gaja Moc for a new experience.  Gaja Moc is a very popular okonomiyaki restaurant in Lomita, Calif. It's one of the few here that have teppan grills in the center of the table so you can cook your own okonomiyaki, mondoyaki or monjayaki.  This is a bowl of some of the ingredients like noodles, pickles, mochi, cabbage and green onion which is mixed in with water or dashi, egg and flour and usually a little dried yam.


That night a friend was the chef. He grilled up some of the different ingredients we added to our okonomiyaki. I should have taken more photos of the completed ones, but there were too many pitchers of Kirin beer in the way


You can add all kinds of sauces or mayo or bonita name it.  We had three different kinds, including one with mochi, cheese and spicy cod roe. This was a bit extreme for what we usually go for but it was a special night. If you aren't up to cooking, Gaga Moc will prepare the okonomiyaki for you. They also have several pasta dishes, salads and great desserts. Definitely worth going to if you are up for something original and fun.


  1. Thanks Eiko82! It is a fun place to have dinner at.

  2. Looks fun cooking the food yourself there. :)