Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, August 19, 2011

Food for Friday: Oriental Breeze

Oriental Breeze 1

Every just want to have a meal where you ate whatever you want?

Oriental Breeze 2

In a nice location with a sea breeze blowing and the ocean glinting?

Oriental Breeze 4

Last year we just decided to do just that. Because once in a while it's good to treat yourself. So want to see what they serve at Oriental Breeze at the pier in Redondo Beach?

Oriental Breeze 12

The inside is nicely appointed. There are different seating areas.

Oriental Breeze 5

One of the few places I know where you can get a true sake sampler.

Oriental Breeze 6

I like how they have a card which says what each sake is and where it is from. Because who is going to remember what their server tells them after drinking this?

Oriental Breeze 7

A bit of vegetables.

Oriental Breeze 8

Cold tofu

Oriental Breeze 9

Seafood salad

Oriental Breeze 10

Now we get to the good part. Fresh sushi. I think red snapper, halibut and crab.

Oriental Breeze 11

Himalayan rock salt sprinkled added just the right flavor with that slice of lemon.

Oriental Breeze 14

That's not my spicy tuna roll back there. The sprouts are a nice touch with that. That is my unagi and maguro though.

Oriental Breeze 15

Seared salmon, yellowtail and something that we don't eat now but it was quite good at the time. Although I will say I prefer yellowtail because the fat seems to be more balanced.

Oriental Breeze 18

Someone ordered dessert.

Oriental Breeze 20

Luckily these crepes just happened to end up in front of me. Finally a place here that serves crepes like those in Japan!

Oriental Breeze 3

Oriental Breeze is located here: Redondo Pier
207-209 Fishermans Wharf
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 379-6511

What is really great is they have a take out window too. The menu there is much more limited but you can get crepes. Which I need to go back for soon.

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