Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Everything was still (Shiba Toshogu Shrine on March 12, 2011)

Tokyo 3-12 68

Without the ability to go to many places because the trains were not all running, at least I was able to go back to nearby places I had been to in December.

Tokyo 3-12 69

With the intention to see things I missed my first time there. One was the Shiba Toshogu Shrine of Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. It's a Shinto shrine which was split off from Zojo-ji back during the Meiji Period. Want to see what it's like?

Tokyo 3-12 70

I previously photographed the walk way to it from Hibiya Avenue but this time I was going on a path from the Zojo-ji grounds. Back in December this was another busy place. But not today.

Tokyo 3-12 71

Wonderful old tree there. Without leaves in March makes me wonder if it is a sakura?

Tokyo 3-12 72

The chozuya or purification font.

Tokyo 3-12 73

The shrine dedicated to Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. Since Zojo-ji was the Tokugawa family temple, this shrine was originally part of it, built to enshrine Ieyasu. Inside is a wooden statue of Ieyasu that he had commissioned on his 60th birthday.

Tokyo 3-12 74

Tokyo 3-12 75

Tokyo 3-12 76

Little ume tree blooming.

Tokyo 3-12 77

Tokyo 3-12 78

Details on the shrine. The use of blue and white really stand out against the red and are lovely.

Tokyo 3-12 79

It really makes this shrine feel like it is for someone important. And given Ieyasu's position in history he definitely was important.

Tokyo 3-12 80

If I go again I will have to take a look closer up. Perhaps one can see the statue.

Tokyo 3-12 81

Tokyo 3-12 82

The path from the shrine was leading me to another place I didn't know about on my first trip but really wanted to see this time.

Tokyo 3-12 83

More wonderful rocks and a little carved representation. Usually they have offerings in front of them but I guess given all that had happened they weren't done on this day.

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