Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Closer than before (seeing Tokyo after the quake)

Tokyo 3-12 10

Still a few salary men about. This was March 12th. Don't know if they were trying to work on a Saturday or finally trying to get home from the day before.

Tokyo 3-12 11

I took the opportunity of less people to do a little looking around and photos. Since I clearly wasn't going to find lunch anywhere. Want to see?

Tokyo 3-12 12

Beautiful gate to what is probably a cemetery and shrine. It's surprising how many are in areas like Minato. According to Lafcadio Hearn, in Japan a butterfly is seen as the personification of the soul. Which might be a reason it is on this gate.

Tokyo 3-12 13

I didn't know if I would get to see any sakura but ume or plum blossoms were in bloom and quite beautiful. I love the dark branches with pale flowers.

Tokyo 3-12 14

Japanese gardening just makes me feel relaxed even in little spaces like this.

Tokyo 3-12 15

Wonderful roof line and detailing.

Tokyo 3-12 16

Walking along Shibadaimon I believe. This also is another building most likely in front of a cemetery.

Tokyo 3-12 17

Tokyo 3-12 18

I have tried before to get photos of this marvelous entry way to this amazing older building yet it doesn't seem to work each time. I hope to be able to try again. And yes, it is an entrance to a cemetery also.

Tokyo 3-12 19

I think why I like Shiba-ku so much is the mix of old and new. This wall on the way to Zojo-ji is just one example.

It was such a strange day. On the weekends there are less people around the office buildings but there are still many people on Shibadaimon, going to the park or Zojo-ji or Tokyo Tower. It really felt like someone had closed the city down.


  1. That is definitely a beautiful gate and driveway. I love the landscaping.

  2. It is a really nicely kept place Toshogu. It's interesting what one can find if one takes the time. Thanks for your comment!