Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Monday, July 4, 2011

Thunder Gate

Asakusa 3

It's pretty obvious I was heading to Senso-ji, Buddhist Temple dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon. First would be going through Kaminarinmon, Thunder Gate.

Asakusa 7

I love taking detail photos. Especially of things higher than one can see normally. My bad for not taking a photo from the front of the gate. Maybe my thinking was that so many people have taken one from that vantage point?

Asakusa 9

The great lantern during the day. The word "thunder" is written on this side which is seen from the street.

Asakusa 12

Amazing dragon carving at the bottom of the lantern.

Asakusa 8

With storms you have wind. So on the south-east side of the gate there is Fujin, Shinto god of wind.

Asakusa 11

The south-west side the Shinto god of thunder and storms, Raijin, stands.

Asakusa 15

Asakusa 16

Walking through the gate from the street one sees two more statues. On the north-west side is the Buddhist goddess Kinryu.

Asakusa 18

While the buddhist god Tenryu stands at the north-east side. Once again showing how there is no problem having Shinto and Buddhism coexist in Japan. Which in itself is a nice thing to contemplate.

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