Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Silent Zoo at Narita International Airport

narita 10

The first time I went to Japan I saw something I really wanted to see again. So when I went back to Narita International Airport Terminal 1 when leaving from my second trip, I made a point to go look for this multimedia art work on the fourth and fifth levels that so enthralled me the first trip.

narita 11

There it was, the murals Silent Zoo. Lights, sound, images. It's several levels of the artwork of Satoshi Hasegawa, with four pieces of audio commentary and music, titled Voyager, created by  Christophe Charles which plays as the lighting is dimmed. This and a hanging sculpture titled Advent by Takura Osaka was installed in 2002.

narita 12

The theme of the three pieces is Cosmos. I was so happy to get a few pictures that time, but sad because when leaving in March this year it was turned off. I wish I had taken video before and more photos. Turned off it was a solemn reminder of the way things were in Japan at that time.


  1. That is so incredibly beautiful.

  2. Eiko 82, it really is great to see so I hope when I go back I can take more photos of it.