Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kannodo Hall at Senso-ji in Asakusa

Asakusa 32

The Main Hall or Kannodo Hall at Senso-ji is quite an imposing building. It inspires a feeling of reverence. Although it was rebuilt in 1958 with titanium roof tiles and concrete, it's suppose to have the same shape as the original hall built back in 942 and then 1649.

Asakusa 35

People come to Kannodo Hall to pray to the Bodhisvatta Kannon. The statue that was found by fishermen in 628 is kept in secret inside the hall. A copy of the statue is brought out once a year on December 13th. I was there a few days before this. The Hall does have a mystical air to it inside.

I did not take photos inside but I did take more around the Kannodo Hall. Just "read more" to read and see more.

Asakusa 43

They were still doing work on Kannodo Hall in December. I have read that many of the shrines and temples in Japan are repainted and repaired often. Although this scaffolding might have been in preparation for the public viewing of the Kannon statue on December 13th or for the Hagoita-ichi craft fair a few days later. Notice the colorful bunting around the building?

Asakusa 60

Even though it wasn't quite December 13th yet, the area was very busy.

Asakusa 57

Asakusa 40

Asakusa 39

It was really nice to see this woman in her kimono.

Asakusa 56

Out of respect I did not take photos inside. It was quite amazing to see. Also amazing was Yogodo Hall which housed statues representing patron deities of the zodiac figures.

Asakusa 53

I really suggest that before going here that it helps to learn a bit about the various buildings and statues. Or have a guide that knows something about the place. No matter what, it is worth seeing and I hope to be able to return again.

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