Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, July 8, 2011

Food for Friday: El Gringo restaurant in Redondo Beach

el gringo 1

I'm always looking for a good place for fish tacos. A while ago I decided to see how El Gringo in Redondo Beach would do.

el gringo 2

I wanted to try their grilled mahi mahi tacos. They have many mahi mahi dishes on their menu. But the waitress said they didn't have any mahi mahi and they were probably going to take it off the menu. Maybe they should have done that already?

So I ordered the battered fish tacos. The fish was fine and decent sized. The addition of a little avocado was nice. They were pretty good.

el gringo 3

They give a bottle of "white fish sauce" so you can add as little or as much as you want. Which was good because as you can see there is a pile of cabbage on these tacos. So I put sauce on it and ate it like a salad. I will say less cabbage and more salsa on the tacos would be a good idea.

el gringo 4

El Gringo is in Redondo Beach. I would have liked it except they are very expensive. I wish I had asked for the price of the Corona before ordering it becaue they charged $5 for this one bottle. That was way out of line. The food prices were higher than other places locally. That plus not having a main ingredient for many of their dishes plus the over doing of cabbage on the tacos means I won't be returning. But I thought I would post this because I do want to write not just about the good places to eat.


  1. That looks... so delicious.. I really miss tacos, Mexican food and cheap Coronas.. ;w;

  2. Thanks Nanairomiso! You know, if I could I would open a taco place in Japan. Always thought it would be something that could work there.