Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, July 1, 2011

Food for Friday: El Burrito Jr. in Redondo Beach

el burrito jr 5

In my never ending quest for good fish tacos I came across some decent reviews for a place called El Burrito Jr. I had seen this restaurant in Redondo Beach before but didn't stop because I figured it was just another chain fast food joint.

el burrito jr 1

But last week we stopped in and I am glad that we did. For starters they offer the whole tortilla as chips which is always fun. Plus a rather hot salsa. The number of items on their menus was decent and they have a la carte' which I always appreciate since it's nice to have choices besides just rice and beans with every meal.

So just what did we order?

el burrito jr 2

My dining partner really likes chicken burritos. At the moment his favorites are at Hole Mole on Fourth Street in Long Beach but I think El Burrito Jr. might have turned his head. I snuck a taste of the chicken and it was moist and tender. So many places miss this important step.

el burrito jr 4

For me it was the tale of two tacos. Fish on the left and shrimp on the right. Normally with grilled fish tacos I prefer no white sauce or mayo. But it wasn't bad. The fish was well flavored and also not dry. Compared to another fish taco I had a few days before at another place, this one was better.

el burrito jr 3

However the winner for me was the shrimp taco. Juicy and cooked just right, this was one of the best shrimp tacos I have had. The shrimp were not too big or too small and the amount of ingredients in the taco was just about right.

El Burrito Jr. has a couple locations in the Los Angeles South Bay, one in Seal Beach and one near Downtown Los Angeles. We ate at their Redondo Beach restaurant. The decor is diner, the prices reasonable. Glad I finally stopped in for lunch!

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