Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Short Walk along Daiichi-Keihin

Shiba Daimon 3

I love walking along streets in Japan. The main one between the train and subway stations and where I was staying is called Daiichi-Keihin.

Shiba Daimon 2

The mix of old and new is intriguing.

Shiba Daimon 4

Featuring food from Hokkaido. I want to eat here this some day.

Shiba Daimon 5

Next door to the pharmacy where I finally found sinus medicine. Who says one can't communicate here in Japan without knowing Japanese? Even without it the pharmacist figured out what I was looking for. This is next to one of the entrances for Daimon Station.

Hamamatsucho 2

Cinnamonrolls sitting in a bank window.

Hamamatsucho 1

The elevated Inner Circular Route of the Shuto Expressway. My next post will show what is under it.

drying daikon

Drying daikon on a balcony.


  1. The BOSS looks very intimidating in the first photo.

  2. Yes Toshogu, he does. I really liked being able to see that billboard but when I went back in March it was gone. Which added to the air of sadness at that time.