Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Guide Directions to the Good Smile Cafe

GSC 49

One thing most people will agree, sometimes it's difficult to find places in Japan. What has helped me is when someone goes to the effort of creating a photo post of how to get to a place. So I thought I'd create one in English for GSC's Good Smile Cafe in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

This guide starts at Matsudo Station. I took the JR East Joban Line from Ueno Station. The station also serves the Shin-Keisei Line.

GSC 47

GSC 48

Once you arrive you will want to walk to the West Entrance/Exit.

Matsudo 1

Hopefully the sign for Book-Off will be there. That is the direction you want to go. Looking at a map you are going to head towards the Edogawa River.

santa koala

Once outside you will be on a large platform on the second level. The koala santa may not be there, depending on what season it is. You will want to walk towards the Book-Off sign (if it's there) and the Slot & Pachinko building. You will want to walk down the street just to the left of those buildings. If you are downstairs head the same way.

Matsudo 3

The Capricorn building should over to the right. If you are facing it you need to turn to the left.

GSC 45

Just walk down the stairs. The street you want to go to is straight ahead. You want to head towards the KFC sign. That is the street that goes toward the Good Smile Cafe.

GSC 44

Once you get downstairs hopefully you will see this 7-11 store on the corner below the Book-Off sign. Facing these doors you will want to stay on this sidewalk and follow it to the left side of 7-11. You are heading towards the Edogawa River.

Matsudo 4

Where you should find KFC and the Colonel.  You should pass this on your right. Keep walking.

GSC 43

Next corner you are going to see this Pachinko & Slots building and hopefully the Style Up! Eye Mode sign in front of you. Keep walking towards the Edogawa River along the street you have been on.

Matsudo 6

You should see this building to your left on the other side of the street you are walking on. You will want to walk past it towards the building with the blue and yellow Nova sign. If you reach a waterway you have gone one block too far.

GSC 42

At the street where you see the Nova office and Polus store you will turn right. You will walk down this street a few blocks till you see on the opposite side this:


The Good Smile Company office!


Peeking inside.

GSC 41

A couple doors further you should see the Good Smile Cafe. Congratulations, you have arrived!

Address and map can be found here.
It's in Japanese but if you click on the map link it will take you to Google Maps. However Google Maps has not updated their street view so the cafe sign does not show yet.
Google Map for Good Smile Cafe

Photos were taken in Dec. 2010. If anything has changed, please let me know. Hope this is helpful!

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