Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How could I forget about Shinjuku?

Shinjuku 16

It's kind of hard to miss Shinjuku when you are there. Just the train station alone is huge. For the most part it's underground and much larger than just this building. It feels like a city down there.

Shinjuku 15

So many people, stores and buildings too. So why do I keep forgetting to post my visit to Shinjuku back in December?

Shinjuku 14

Perhaps it's overwhelming? At times it felt like it went on forever.

Shinjuku 13

Shopping everywhere. Visiting Marui One was a definitely a highlight. Seeing all that Moi meme Moite and Alice Auaa was amazing. If only I had the money for it. I did get a few things from my favorite clothing label, h.NAOTO.

Shinjuku 9

Shinjuku 8

However so many of the buildings look the same. Perhaps if I visited at night when there were less restrictions on electricity use?

Shinjuku 7

This plaza was full of people waiting for a musical event. Perhaps if I had been able to wait to see this? But it seemed a long wait standing.

Shinjuku 6

Perhaps if I had spent time in the massive building over the entrances of Shinjuku Station. But I did shop at Comme Ca which is just to the left of here. Also shopped underground where I found a tiny LUSH shop. If only I had bought more of the snow ball bath bombs. They were wonderful.

Shinjuku 5

I also stopped at Studio Alta. The Volks store there was nice. Bought a boy's doll wig that turned out to be in a mistake color from Volks. Now I can definitely say my guy has that Shinjuku look.

Shinjuku 4

Shinjuku 3

I can't say all the buildings were boring. At least I got to see the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower by Tenge Associates. I think if I go to Shinjuku again I will go to look at the artistic side of it. And maybe go up in one of those very tall buildings to look out at Tokyo.

Shinjuku 2

After all, I spent a decent amount of time under Shinjuku. A city that is in layers.

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