Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Friday, June 17, 2011

Food for Friday: Black Rock Shooter Curry


Since Good Smile Cafe is a theme cafe, I couldn't just leave after taking a look at all that was there. Of course I had to try out the food. Now before showing just what were the special items, I have to say that when I go to Japan it seems I have to challenge myself food-wise at least once. I don't plan that. It just happens. First trip I think it was the okonomiyaki in Kyoto. My last trip it had to be the omakase sushi at Narita International. In December it could have been the pasta at Venus Fort except I had to try the special at Good Smile Cafe.

GSC 31

The staff at the cafe will sit you at a table. These are located between the street front and the back sitting area so you can sit and watch whatever anime they are showing at the time or chat with friends. Right now the theme is "Puella Magi Madoka Magica". Wish I could go to that! When I went it was "Black Rock Shooter" which I really enjoyed. They have a nice range of food and drink on their menu however it's the specials that are hard to pass by since they offer incentives for ordering them.

GSC 28

Such as this drink they created for "Black Rock Shooter".

GSC 29

They were able to have the blue in the bottom using a type of gelatin. It was quite interesting tasting, not fruit flavored but definitely sweet. I would have another if offered.

GSC 30

Even the napkins were anime themed.

GSC 27

Because I ordered two special items I was able to pick out two coasters. I am not sure what items they have each month but I thought these were pretty nice. But then what was that second food item that tested me?

GSC 26

Black Curry. Yes, it was much darker in color than this photo shows. And very spicy. Probably the one time I actually appreciated mayonnaise on a dish. I would guess they used squid ink to make the curry appear black. It definitely was a challenge but I ate all of it.

In case you are wondering, here the link to The Good Smile Cafe web page. It is in Japanese.

My next post will show a little more of the cafe and then I hope to create a photo directions post. If nothing else, it will help me find my way back some day.


  1. Hmm, black curry. Not sure I could eat that.

  2. A five-rayed star mayonnaise, it's like a plate of a Japanese esoteric cosmology. o(@.☆)o
    Thanks to your visit. I'm glad of hearing that you find my love for hometown. Please enjoy your stay in Tokyo !

  3. To be honest I didn't think I could eat it either Toshogu. I think you are right about it being a bit of Japanese esoteric cosmology Anzu =)