Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A few things in Ueno

Ueno 3

To be honest, I knew I wouldn't be able to handle much after my trip to Matsudo. I do have to pace things out. But I wanted to see at least one place in Ueno, Yamashiroya.

Ueno 4

Yamashiroya is right by the Ueno Station and is known for anime and manga goods. I had read that it was seven floors but when I went in December 2010 there were only four floors open. If I remember correctly, each floor is just one room or "store". I think if a person doesn't have a lot of time and is into "One Piece" or "Monster Hunter" they might like it. I didn't buy anything because a lot of the things I liked were the same as what was sold in other stores I had been to before.

So here are a couple recommendations for places to go for anime and manga figures and good. For "Gundam" and all kinds of ecchi and mecha items Akihabara has a lot to offer. For cute stuff like Ghibli and Hello Kitty, Venus Fort or Character Street and Donguri Garden at Tokyo Station are good. Character Street also has stores for the main TV Stations in Japan so you can find goods for current popular shows like "Bleach" and "Gintama". There are other Sanrio stores in a lot of places too. If you are up to a short trip out of the Tokyo area and have the time, Nakano Broadway is amazing. I know there are other places so if you want to leave a recommendation in a comment that would be great!

Ueno 6

I was pretty hungry since it was late in the day so I headed back into Ueno Station to catch the train to my hotel. Saw the Hard Rock Cafe there but resisted the temptation.

Ueno 5

I was smelling something really good so I followed my nose which lead me here.

Ueno 7

I had not heard of Andersen Bakery. Andersen Bakery was established in 1948 in Hiroshima, making Danish pastries. They expanded to have stores in San Franciso and Denmark. Their bag is pretty cool.

Andersons 1

So was their pizza. Who ever told me don't eat pizza in Japan hasn't been to Andersen.

Andersons 2

French Toast that I had the next morning thanks to having a small fridge in my room. It was also really good.

Andersons 3

This brownie was so good that if I ever find myself back in Ueno Station or anywhere there is an Andersen Bakery, I definitely will get another one.

Andersen Bakery website can be found here.


  1. Yamashiroya is a fun place to browse for stuff, and I love going there. But usually I buy things from other cheaper stores. ;p