Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday at Harajuku

If you don't mind crowds, Sunday is the day when people show off their outfits in Harajuku.

This photo received lot of views over on Flickr, and I don't even think it's one of the better ones. Maybe it her boots? Oh, and her box is from Chocoholic Cafe, so it must be food she is digging into. How could I miss a place called Chocoholic Cafe?

It was really hard getting photos. Very crowded, cold, and raining. So hard to get good shots of the various outfits. I'm guessing the kneeling girl is probably wearing something rather hime.

To answer the question, what do many young women wear in Japan while we were there? Not the Jrock outfit in the front, but the one behind her. Longish lightened hair, muted colors but with something interesting or cute as accessories. Usually not this short but skirts and dresses or leggings under long tops. And the stockings. Actually these are pretty good. What wasn't were the sheer stockings, usually ending just above the knee. Doesn't matter how thin someone's legs are, just doesn't work. But still some women wore them.

*Just a note from the present. When I was in Tokyo in Dec. 2010, the trend was high heel boots and very short shorts.*

Since I mentioned that, gonna switch to a couple photos I took in subway stations. I thought this girl's look was great. Those are above the knee stockings. Something else that you might not be able to see, her coat belt is tied in a cute bow in the back. I saw this a number of times and thought it was a great look.

Another subway station photo. One of only two women I saw wearing Lolita outside of Harajuku. With the inevitable ear buds. Most likely connected to the inevitable cell phone.

Back to Harajuku. I don't know if this girl was doing Rozen Maiden, pretty much everyone was wearing coats or jackets the whole time we were there.

While sometimes the fashion blurs the line between what might be cosplay and what is in style. Kodona wear on the street. In fact more people there dressed as their favorite Visual Kei and Jrockers than anime or manga characters.

This is a fun group shot, I like the variety in their clothing, that the two girls on the outside are dressed in black which makes the other two stand out.

A lucky moment of just catching the motion of the wind in her kimono just right.

From March 2008. Some time I should go back to Jingu Bashi see what is popular now.

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