Misadventures with Miso

Misadventures with Miso

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sangedatsu-mon of Zojo-ji Temple

Zojo-ji 5

Next to the buildings and gate I showed in my previous post there is an imposing structure.

Zojo-ji 6

Most people reach here starting from the Dai-mon Station area, passing under the Dai-mon gate. Which is how I did the night before and is the way to go to see these amazing gates.

Zojo-ji 8

However to see Sangedatsu-mon from the side allows you to see some very unique details. Do you see the guardian oni?

Zojo-ji 9

Looking in from the front of the gate like I did the night before offers glimpses of what lays beyond.

Zojo-ji 10

But it really is worth first looking for the details of Sangedatsu-mon.

Zojo-ji 11

Sangedatsu-mon is the main entrance to the Zojo-ji Temple area. Originally built in 1622, it is the only building of Zojo-ji that survived intact to this day. Enshrined in the upper story are statues from the early days of Zojo-ji. The name of Sangedatsu-mon comes from the belief that passing through it delivers one from three earthly states of mind, which are greed, anger and stupidity.

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